Nomo Bank

Rapid delivery of an intermediary website for a digital bank

Nomo, part of Bank of London and The Middle East plc (BLME), is a pioneering Sharia-compliant digital bank based in the UK.

MagiClick was entrusted with the critical task of designing and developing an intermediary website for Nomo, aligning with their ambitious launch schedule. The primary goal was to introduce Nomo's new property finance products to the broker market efficiently and effectively. This platform needed to cater to both experienced brokers and those new to Sharia-compliant finance, facilitating easy access to product information and resources, all within a tight three-month timeframe.

Condensed Discovery

We conducted a series of targeted discovery sessions to quickly gather insights into the brokers' needs and expectations. This phase was crucial for tailoring the design process to align with the unique aspects of Sharia-compliant products and the broker’s operational workflows.

User Experience and Interface Design

The design phase focused on creating a highly intuitive and engaging user interface. We prioritised the clarity of information, incorporating interactive elements like calculators for residential and buy-to-let products, which allow brokers to easily compute finance options and understand lending criteria.

Development on Umbraco Cloud CMS

The portal was built on the Umbraco Cloud Content Management System, chosen for its flexibility and user-friendly content management capabilities. This platform supports enterprise-level scalability and resilience, ensuring that the site remains responsive and reliable under varying load conditions.

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Rapid Development and Deployment

To meet Nomo’s ambitious launch schedule, our team implemented an agile development methodology, allowing for rapid iterations and continuous feedback integration throughout the project. This approach enabled us to move from concept to launch within an impressive three-month timeline.

Outcomes and Benefits

The Nomo Intermediaries Portal has successfully streamlined the way brokers access and interact with Sharia-compliant finance products. By providing a comprehensive resource center, including detailed product descriptions, eligibility criteria, and custom calculators, the portal empowers brokers to serve their clients more effectively and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, the use of Umbraco Cloud CMS ensures that Nomo's content team can maintain and update the portal effortlessly, keeping the information accurate and current without needing extensive technical support.

The successful delivery of the Nomo Intermediaries Portal exemplifies MagiClick’s expertise in digital solution development and our ability to meet stringent deadlines without compromising on quality or functionality. This project not only enhanced the broker experience but also positioned Nomo as a leader in digital innovation within the Islamic banking sector.