Kentico Silver Partner

We are recognised leaders in Kentico implementation and consultancy

We are certified Kentico Silver implementation partners, and are proud to have implemented Kentico websites for some of the biggest names in finance.

Our developers love Kentico because of its interoperability and extensibility, enabling us to push the boundaries of what is possible on the platform through systems integration and customisation. Our clients love Kentico due to it’s flexible, easy to use, all-in-one content management capabilities which give business users full control over the content of the website.

More than a CMS...

Kentico is more than a CMS, and features out of the box e-commerce, blogging, personalisation, A/B testing and other marketing features. The marketing module enables marketers to fully understand their customers, with a 360° view of the activities giving deep insights on users and more accurate attribution. Armed with greater insights on their users, our clients utilise the A/B testing module to experiment and personalise content, giving them all the tools required to maximise conversions. 

Why financial companies love Kentico

We are often asked to help financial companies gain greater efficiency by offering self-service capabilities to their customers, which require integrating with a number of core financial platforms. As a Microsoft.NET-based development house, our developers find the building of custom modules and systems integration within Kentico a straightforward task. In addition, the modular approach to shared content management enables editors to manage content centrally when required, which is of particular use for a financial institution’s website when maintaining regulatory health warnings and similar advisory updates.