Aetna International

Reimagining digital customer experience

Aetna International is a subsidiary of Aetna, a CVS Health business, which serves an estimated 39 million people with information and resources to help them make better-informed decisions about their health care. They offer large employers, health care systems and government entities customised technological and health management solutions to help improve health, enhance quality of care and contain costs.

Aetna International wanted to explore the ideal future digital acquisition customer experience for their International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) product. They engaged us to answer this question: if you had a blank sheet of paper, what would make the ultimate mobile-first quote experience for iPMI?

We ran an intensive discovery and ideation project that included competitors analysis, user testing and stakeholder interviews and sector benchmarking.

Some of the key questions we asked were:

  • How could Aetna leverage automation to accelerate the quote application process?
  • How could Aetna add more value to the user, helping them understand the healthcare needs within destination countries?
  • How could an improved digital customer experience increase the overall number of conversions?
  • What are the incremental improvements that would deliver a better, mobile-first experience in the short-term?

Based on this research, and our experience as a digital innovation consultancy, our team created and presented a future vision for the optimal user journey to Aetna's internal team.

Simon Miller, Senior Director of Customer Proposition gave the following testimonial:

“We wanted to understand key customer pain points from real user experiences. Their  team turned around a really quick, affordable but solid piece of insight work that helped us understand the essential CX fixes required vs the opportunities to test and learn. Combining this with some strong creative customer journey ideas, we were able to make the case for a strategic project building on these insights. I was really impressed with the team’s agility and the quality of work they turned around in a matter of weeks, with limited previous knowledge of our specific products and consumers. “