With a need to collaborate with and communicate company information to a dispersed workforce, Abdi Ibrahim, the leader in the Turkish pharmaceutical market in turnover and total box sales, asked us to re-build its corporate intranet. Built on MS SharePoint 2010, the new intranet enables the company’s over 3,500 employees to access latest news, events, procedures, policies and other documentation in an easier, faster and more efficient way.

We have developed an online platform that allows Novo Nordisk to easily manage physicians’ congress attendance sponsorship application & approval processes. Depending on its type, every sponsorship application entered by a sales rep triggers the corresponding authorisation workflow scheme incorporating key decision makers. Integration with the company’s internal database allows the sales rep and physician data to always remain up-to-date.

As part of GlaxoSmithKline's child vaccination awareness campaign we have developed an iPhone Application that helps people find pediatricians and ob/gyn specialists, see their contact information and view their location on the map. Doctors can also be searched by name, city and neighborhood. The application uses GPS technology to locate and show doctors that are closest to the user's present location.

The application quickly rose up in the medical applications list on iTunes and has been listed among the top ten free applications for six months following its' launch.

We have developed an online program for Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals’ Oncology department who wanted to support hematologists and oncologists by helping them with  their scientific publications. Physicians using the program submit their draft articles via an easy-to-use application interface and follow-up the translation, proofreading,  editing and formatting process online. Hundreds of physicians have already benefited from the program.

When Bayer, started introducing Levitra, its erectile dysfunction drug into the market, it needed a different, less-traditional marketing tool.

We have answered Bayer’s needs with “Orange Night”, a mini three-level platform game built around a mid-aged, white collar male character, representing the primary target audience of Levitra. The character goes out to a bar to have a good time. The orange pill he finds there changes the nature of his evening!

To help GlaxoSmithKline, one of the the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, create public disease awareness and to promote Avandia to healthcare professionals in Turkey, we have created a healthcare portal and a game that synthesised relevant subject matter and entertainment.

Dr. Avandia is a simple arcade game based on Avandia’s mechanism of action in the human body. Avandia, effective for Type II diabetes, stimulates the cells to improve insulin sensitivity.

The main character of the game, Dr. Avandia needs to continuously jump on the red blood cells to keep them awake. If they fall asleep they can not properly digest the sugars and the blood-sugar level increases. There are also two "bad" characters that sometime appear and put the cells they jump on to heavy sleep, in which case Dr. Avandia needs to jump on those cells twice to wake them up.

We have developed an online testing platform for Novo Nordisk so that internal employee knowledge assessments that previously were handled manually, can be managed more efficiently and with less effort & cost.

Developed to run on the MS SQL Server database using Microsoft.NET technology, the software installation facilitates easy management by Novo Nordisk test administrators.

Using the underlying administration interfaces, Novo Nordisk test administrators can create as many tests as they wish and specify which individuals will take the test. The administration interfaces also provides test results and assessment.

The application is used in the Middle East an North Africa offices of Novo Nordisk.

When AI Pharmaceuticals,  a regional leader in generic drug production, introduced “Norlevo”, the morning-after pill to the market MagiClick created a brand site and a casual game a game synthesising relevant subject matter and entertainment to educate prospective consumers & healthcare professionals.

Catch Me If You Can, a multi-level arcade game is a four-level hunt for sperms! The goal of the game is to maximize score by catching as many sperms as one can. The game has four levels. At every level a faster sperm type is introduced. To pass to the next level the player needs to answer a question about the product correctly.

At the end of the game, the player is faced with number of sperms he/she missed during the game. The message is simple: Birth-control may be a real challenge! One should not take any chances with it.