Mobile Applications

We designed an application for Turkish Airlines' low-cost brand, AnadoluJet, aimed to help travellers at every step of their journey. The application enables users to easily search for and book the flights of their choice and quickly complete their check-in to save time at the airport. It also includes a voice-based virtual assistant to help users with their travel plans.

The success of Odeabank’s direct banking applications led to the adoption of the same solution by its parent company Bank Audi.

MagiClick has designed and developed Bank Audi’s smartphone, tablet & wearable banking applications on its powerful True Omni-ChannelTM Banking Platform.

Mobile is the future of banking and some banks have embraced its full potential faster then their competitors. Selected as the most innovative bank in Turkey with a solid "mobile first" strategy, Odeabank wanted to create a revolutionary mobile banking experience on all three (iOS, Android & Windows) platforms. The goal was not only to create the best user experience possible, but also to unify it across all channels and provide native device experiences at the same time. The technology they were looking for also had to be completely flexible and able to work with any core banking infrastructure easily via services. The solution they found was the unique combination of  MagiClick's True Omni-Channel™ Banking Platform Technology and MagiClick's unique mobile UX/UI and development capabilities. 

The result is a true success and a quick winner with Odeabank's customers driving a five-fold increase in mobile banking customers within six months; recognized as a finalist in two categories at the prestigious BAI-Infosys Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards (results pending) and crowned as the Best Mobile Banking Application in Turkey by the Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

Thousands of IKEA products found their place in the state-of-the-art mobile website we have built for IKEA.  Powered and managed by the same online ordering infrastructure as the website, the commerce-enabled mobile site lets consumers search, browse and buy products from company’s entire inventory in an elegant and user-friendly way. The result was a significant increase in mobile conversion rates and sales.

Built for iPads, the Uludağ Beverages Mobile Product Library application includes detailed information about Uludağ products as well as the company. With a modern & fresh design, bolstered with colorful illustrations we have created for the company when creating their web site at; the application offers a cool mobile experience for its users and serves as a great addition to the company’s digital marketing mix.

As the developer of Pegasus Airlines’ web site on that is visited by millions of visitors every month, we were tasked with creating one of the first Windows 8 applications in the industry. Built on a modern metro-style design concept the application enables Pegasus’ customers to follow latest news & offers and serves as an easy starting point to plan their travel and buy their tickets online.

We developed an iPhone application for the commercial banking section of Finansbank’s credit card brand Card Finans. The application enables CardFinans’ member businesses to submit requests for point-of-sale devices & related consumables, visual materials, tech support and much more. Finansbank’s Card Member Merchant application is a great example for SME marketing using mobile technologies.

One of the first banking & finance applications on Windows Store, Yapı Kredi World’s Windows 8 Application runs on a common content management system we have built when creating the brand’s web site at WorldCard.Com.Tr. Based on metro design principles, the pioneering application enables its users to follow World’s latest offers, search for any information needed on the card and apply to different types of cards.

We have built a mobile wine finder application for Unifree, the leader of the Turkish Duty Free sector. The Android based multi-lingual tablet application serves as an in-store interactive wine catalogue and is used by thousands of customers that visit Unifree duty free shops everyday.

We developed native mobile applications for Paritem, Turkey’s first foreign exchange platform offered by Anadolu Securities, a subsidiary of Anadolubank. Using the application, available for both iOS and Android environments, customers are able to access their accounts 24/7, review analysis data complete with interactive charts, access market news & international financial calendar and make transactions via user-friendly interfaces.

The success of Domino’s Pizza's Online Ordering infrastructure built by MagiClick was bolstered with the launch of iOS, Android and Windows mobile applications together with a mobile website, all powered by the centralized API providing the channel based product & promotion management and ordering infrastructure.  The channels made an immediate impact by new customer acquisition and becoming the first choice for ordering pizza for a significant amount of Domino’s Pizza customers.

As part of GlaxoSmithKline's child vaccination awareness campaign we have developed an iPhone Application that helps people find pediatricians and ob/gyn specialists, see their contact information and view their location on the map. Doctors can also be searched by name, city and neighborhood. The application uses GPS technology to locate and show doctors that are closest to the user's present location.

The application quickly rose up in the medical applications list on iTunes and has been listed among the top ten free applications for six months following its' launch.