Arçelik’s Global Intranet is the meeting point for more than sixteen thousand Arçelik employees globally. Built on MS SharePoint and FAST, Arçelik’s Global Intranet, a.k.a. Arport, provides features such as rich content about the company, user profile pages, live feeds, employee blogs, event/task scheduling, idea sharing and document management.  In terms of user interface design, Arport sets a global identity by welcoming worldwide Arçelik employees on a common look & feeling. 

Mercedes-Benz, world’s leading motor vehicle manufacturer, asked us to develop an internal portal that allows Mercedes-Benz’s employees quick & easy access to various internal applications. We created a fully-customizable interactive dashboard - complete with online note taking, quick access to app documents and most used app list features - that allows company employees to create their own application lists by using drag and drop gestures.

Odeabank (Bank Audi) wanted to manage all internal information and processes within a single interface, accessible not only through desktops but also tablets and various mobile devices. To meet their demand, we carefully crafted an MS SharePoint based Intranet portal for optimal cross-platform usability. State-of-the-art Modern UI style based design combined with advanced features, such as document libraries, workflows, forms & mobile signature, enables employees to easily and efficiently carry out their daily tasks.


With a need to collaborate with and communicate company information to a dispersed workforce, Abdi Ibrahim, the leader in the Turkish pharmaceutical market in turnover and total box sales, asked us to re-build its corporate intranet. Built on MS SharePoint 2010, the new intranet enables the company’s over 3,500 employees to access latest news, events, procedures, policies and other documentation in an easier, faster and more efficient way.

Management of information, efficiency in IT processes and internal communication is often considered a big challenge for companies at the scale of Borusan Mannesmann.  With the launch of BM Portal, developed on MS SharePoint 2010, the company managed to speed up business processes and improve both employee and customer satisfaction. By offering social content & collaboration tools  the portal also increased sharing among employees.

We have built an MS SharePoint based collaboration portal that enables mortgage specialists at Yapi Kredi Bank to easily  access product information &  advanced calculation tools, coordinate client meetings, and get detailed personal and region-wide sales reports.  We have also built additional features such as blogs, chat and a multi-player mortgage themed quiz-show to increase sharing of ideas among team members and improve team spirit.

Living in age where technology evolves rapidly, the importance of innovation is increasing accordingly. The MS SharePoint 2010 based collaboration portal we have developed for Yapi Kredi Bank's IT Department encourages its team members to take an active role in the evolution of new ideas by presenting them with creative and collaborative tools.

Yapı Kredi Asset Management and its team of dedicated managers and specialists administrate a wide range of products in various asset classes. The MS SharePoint based portal we have created enables them to quickly and efficiently access detailed information regarding all investment products and their market performance while tools such as forums, news and contests increase collaboration among all stakeholders and improve team morale.

Yapi Kredi's Management of Information Systems Portal aims to present the bank's IT processes in a user friendly way to increase user adoption. To help with this goal we have created an MS SharePoint internal portal utilizes various interactive and collaborative tools as well as charts analyzing the usage statistics of the IT infrastructure.

Yapi Kredi, Turkey's first privately-owned bank with a nationwide presence needed a revolutionary redesign and development of its existing corporate Intranet which was starting to fall short of  effectively supporting internal communications. We re-architected a new Intranet based on MS SharePoint that delivered a unified platform for content management and collaboration while also paving the way for significant business process improvements.

DenizBank, one of Turkey’s leading private banks and the leader in the commercial cards market asked us to build a new corporate Intranet based on MS SharePoint. Working together with the DenizBank team and Intertech we created a centralized solution with improved information architecture, content/document management & search functions that dramatically accelerate information retrieval and boost productivity and end-user adoption.

HSBC “Açık Alan” (Open Space) is a custom blogware application designed with all relevant bells and whistles such as rating, comments, themes, personalization, e-mail notifications, user statistics etc. to promote internal communication among HSBC employees by giving them the opportunity to break free from the normative and hierarchical structure of banking and express their opinions in a more relaxed and friendly environment.