Interactive Banner

The core marketing goal of HSBC's Advantage Card is to establish the idea that "if you want to buy something, it's always advantageous to buy it with the Advantage Card", and the offline campaign takes this a litle further by showing that "it's so advantageous, people want to dance after purchasing something with it."

The Advantage Card Invitation to Dance banner is an interactive banner based on the idea of having people tap to the rhythm of the Advantage Card on their keyboards and inviting them to the colorful, party-like world of the Advantage Card.

Under 25 Kb only, due to size restrictions placed by mainstream portals, the banner has reached a 4.8% clickthrough rate (8 times the industry average). The invitation to dance banner is awarded by the top advertising competition Crystal Apple in 2007 and won the "Best Banner" award at the 2008 Grand Interactive Awards.

In 2005 Fortis, has acquired Disbank, one of the leading banks in Turkey. Within a very short time frame they launched a huge nation-wide marketing campaign to familiarize the Turkish customers with the new brand.

To maximize return on investment on the banner campaign, we have developed three small casual game alternatives in form of rollover banners. All games were based on the idea of making customers spend time with the new logo/brand.

Developing games within the small banner sizes accepted by the major portals was a real technical challenge. Three different games were developed: A 2D car-driving game, an archanoid (brick-crashing) and a simple puzzle. The result was a record clickthrough rate of 7% for the campaign.