Tapping kid’s creativity and love of collecting, our application to launch kids’ food brand Danino’s new campaign pursues greater sales, brand loyalty, and emotional bond with its mascot, Dino. Mirroring real play dough given with packs of Danino, we let kids loose on 30 play dough shapes and colors, some there upfront to teach the rules. Remaining ones come by entering codes found on Danino 6-packs. A code unlocks another shape and color, with kids awarded a creativity-point for each one entered.

Leading pizza delivery giant Domino’s Pizza requested an application to promote its online ordering service that built on an existing loyal crowd. Our pizza slice trading advergame “Complete The Flavour” exploited the viral possibilities of Facebook to reward users’ hunger for game play, acknowledged achievement, and pizza with excitement, “shared” Facebook status and discounted orders during the campaign period.

Efes, a leading European brewer, and Turkey’s market leader, tasked us to promote its retro brand, Bomonti, Istanbul’s oldest beer. Our old-school juke box of comic Turkish sound clips, many from TV and cinema, and that have a place in the nation’s heart, piggy-backed the viral nature of both humour and Facebook. Users were able to share nostalgic one-liners, while associating Efes’s retro Bomonti beer brand with the best of yesteryear.

Building on the viral possibilities of Facebook, our advergame combined the challenge of billiards with the glamour of TV anchorwoman and sports commentator Burcu Esmersoy to showcase Domino’s new 12 topping "Bol Malzemos" pizza, expand Facebook fan-base and promote online ordering. Twelve toppings, twelve balls, and 53,000 registered players over the 3-month campaign period ensured huge success on all three fronts.

Danone Group's Danino, a brand dedicated to help children to optimise their nutritional intake to facilitate healthy growth, wanted to boost brand loyalty with mothers who have children between the ages 1 and 4.

We created an interactive web campaign designed to engage mothers at an emotional level. Let Everyone Live Happily Ever After - makes it fast, easy and fun for mothers to create stories for their children and about their children. The application provides more than 400 ready-made illustrations moms use to create magical stories filled with heroes and heroines, villains and animals. And then they simply type in their text.

Danone Group's Danette, a cream desert loved by the "whole family" wanted an interactive campaign that would engage, ... the "whole family". What would be a better idea than to have families take part in an online game show about celebrities?

We invited Ziya Kürküt, a seasoned TV personality to host our online show, and developed a multi-player game where players answer questions about randomly selected celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Roberto Carlos.

Everytime the host "clacks" a Danette box, a celebrity knocks at the door and is invited in. Real players matched randomly against each other have to answer two questions about that celebrity and receive points based on how fast they click on the correct answer. Off to a great start, the game attrated over 40,000 registered users in its first month.

After the huge success of "Danette Sweet Wars" multi-player advergame launched in 2008 which attracted over 65,000 kids, Danette, the fun brand of Danone Group wanted us a "reloaded" version of the game with enhanced gameplay and new visuals.

The new version of the game registered twice as many kids as the first one attracting over 130,000 kids playing the game over 1 million times during the two-month campaign.

The game that could be played freely by everyone for ten times and required the entering of a product code for further plays boosted Danette's sales and became on of the most successful campaigns in the history of Danone.

Ülker, the biggest food conglomerate in Turkey commissioned us the building of a Game Portal to engage their younger audience. Working in coordination with pedagogues we have initially created a portal with 12 games built on an integrated portal framework where every game played and point received contributes to a single portal-level rating.

We created an online karaoke contest for kids where we let them rap over the Danette jingle online, share it with their friends and register it for the evaluation of other site visitors.

When Hayat Water needed to raise awareness about the connection of water and health, we stepped in to create an online quiz show about water facts. We built a multiplayer game where contestants choose their own animated avatars and try to beat their opponents correctly answering 10 questions randomly selected from hundred of water related facts categorized under the subjects of art, history, geography, literature, science and health.  

We have designed & developed an Extranet for Domino’s Turkey to improve collaboration and add value to its relationships with Domino’s restaurants. Easily managed by Domino’s HQ team, the extranet contains news & announcements, help & FAQ, success stories, document library supporting audio and video files and also an order fulfillment & management module through which restaurants place orders for their daily needs.

In 2006 Efes Pilsener, one of the top ten selling beer brands in Europe initiated a new global marketing campaign to present itself as the “mysterious choice”. Inspired by the fact that the company derives its name from the ancient Greek city of Efes (Ephesus) and the new positioning of the brand we have created a mystical adventure game “Escape from Artemis”.

Escape from Artemis is a quest in search of beautiful Efelia below the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world but also notorious for being a hide out for the local criminals. Its rich illustrative content comprising over 50 different objects in 30+ rooms is a product of creative minds fed with ancient history of Anatolia and mythology. The game combines game players’ motivation and curiosity to find out the puzzles and new worlds in the mazes of Artemis with Efes Pilsener’s focus on mystery and mischievousness.

The game won the Best Advergame of The Year Award at the 2006 Grand Interactive Awards.