Unilever wanted to engage online-savvy teenage girls when introducing the "Teens" variant of their world-best-selling deodorant brand Rexona to the market. We helped them by creating an integrated campaign complete with an offbeat microsite, a Facebook application, interactive banners, e-mail marketing, social dialog and more. The piece that become the biggest hit of the campaign however, was the Rexona Teens Dance Studio Game.

We have created a tycoon game with ten levels where players run their own dance studio and try to attend to their customers needs on time. Keeping customers satisfied means more money for studio enhancements like bigger dressing room, more waiting couches, better dance teachers etc.

More than 50,000 teenage girls registered to play the game and the campaign was selected as one of the top ten digital campaigns of 2009 by Digital Age Magazine.

Unilever asked us to support the "Let The Numbers Flow" campaign of their blockbuster product Axe. We answered with building one of the first Papervision based microsites around, filled it with videos and tips about how to get more numbers from girls, and scored big with a video based advergame that engaged thousands of young guys.