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How can you make data collection fun? HSBC wanted to learn their clients preferences about their money allocation between different needs like education, travel, retirement, automobile, savings etc.

We created an easy to play game where people fly an HSCB branded baloon from one island to another, At each island registered players were asked how much money they want to allocate to a specific financial need.

Also created as a Facebook application, the game has been a big hit among HSBC customers, leaving valuable preference data in ten thousands.

Akbank, one of the biggest banks in Turkey asked us to create an interactive campaign for its premium Travel Card "Wings" that will bring the brand closer to its existing and potential clients. To achieve that, we created a country card exchange game as a Facebook application.

In the multi-player game players are randomly dealt ten country cards on which there are variables like population, GNP per capita, area size along with how many "Wings Mileage Points" they need to fly to that country for free. Each player picks three variables they think are strongest on their card and race them against the opponent's. One with the better variables captures the other card. Players with the highest number of cards at the end of the monthly campaign periods receive free flight tickets from Wings.

HSBC Turkey tasked us with bringing their Advantage Credit Card brand closer to the 18-30 age group. Using the Facebook application platform we have created a social card exchange game with a 40-card set with pictures of different "Advantage" objects (shoes, bag, plane etc.) on them.

Players, dealt with 10 random cards turned the cards into valid ordered combinations, win points and receive new ones. The social feature, that made the game a success, was that the game allowed for exchanges among Facebook Friends. The more friends were in the game the more one's chances were to reach higher points.

The game turned into a social gaming phenomenon overnight and made over 100,000 fans for HSBC in only two months. The campaign has been recognized as on of the top four online financial service marketing projects at the prestigious 2008 NYF Midas Awards.

We have developed a Fantasy Stock Picking Contest on Facebook integrated with real-data from the Istanbul Stock Exchange data. Sponsored  by Finansbank, the application allowed contestants to manage their own fantasy stock portfolio and compete against fellow users risk-free. One of the earliest examples of successful Facebook campaigns, the application attracted over 100,000 people competing to win one of the lucrative prizes.

As an early adopter of the Facebook application platform we built Turkey's first Facebook app for a brand in 2007.

A simple match results prediction tournament for Fortis Turkey Soccer Cup, the application attracted over 50,000 people and received extensive media coverage.