MagiClick undertook all UX/UI design processes, responsive web & CMS development on MS SharePoint and large-scale integration of live financial data of the new corporate portal of IS Investment, the investment banking arm of Isbank Group and the leading investment company of Capital Markets in Turkey.

A product of detailed UX research & testing processes and robust infrastructure powered by MagiClick CMS, Kuveyt Turk's new web site provides a seamless experience on all platforms.

The success of Odeabank’s direct banking applications led to the adoption of the same solution by its parent company Bank Audi.

MagiClick has designed and developed Bank Audi’s smartphone, tablet & wearable banking applications on its powerful True Omni-ChannelTM Banking Platform.

Mobile is the future of banking and some banks have embraced its full potential faster then their competitors. Selected as the most innovative bank in Turkey with a solid "mobile first" strategy, Odeabank wanted to create a revolutionary mobile banking experience on all three (iOS, Android & Windows) platforms. The goal was not only to create the best user experience possible, but also to unify it across all channels and provide native device experiences at the same time. The technology they were looking for also had to be completely flexible and able to work with any core banking infrastructure easily via services. The solution they found was the unique combination of  MagiClick's True Omni-Channel™ Banking Platform Technology and MagiClick's unique mobile UX/UI and development capabilities. 

The result is a true success and a quick winner with Odeabank's customers driving a five-fold increase in mobile banking customers within six months; recognized as a finalist in two categories at the prestigious BAI-Infosys Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards (results pending) and crowned as the Best Mobile Banking Application in Turkey by the Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

Built on SharePoint 2013 the credit cards web site of the UAE based banking giant FGB, includes over ten custom sub-sections for the bank's various card brands like Manchester City FC Card, Masdar Card & Ferrari Card and a rich-feature set including searchable offer & rewards databases, calculators, back-end integrated online application and referral forms and much more.

FGB lacked an online presence in the field of wealth management and the new website based on SharePoint and BehaviorPad managed to make a strong impact within its launch in late 2014. The simple & user friendly design, functional & clever Smart Solution tools and easy Apply Now system; quickly differentiated itself and selected as the Best Financial Institution Website at the prestigious UAE Excellence Awards.

Akbank, one of the largest banks in Turkey, has tasked MagiClick to revamp its website with a modern, fresh and above all fully responsive layout and turn it into a multi-functional banking portal with rich content. The SharePoint based new’s features are at the cutting edge of web technologies and clever solutions such as dynamic content modules, smart search mechanism, visitor segmentation, personalization and CRM-integrated social login.

We designed & developed a revolutionary bank site for Yapı Kredi with “search” at the core of the user experience. Based on Google Search Appliance the engine dynamically creates relevant content as quick & smart results, such as a pinned map when searching for a branch or current rates when searching for a foreign currency. The site also features a rich set of content and functions including campaigns, investor relations data, calculators and more.

We developed an iPhone application for the commercial banking section of Finansbank’s credit card brand Card Finans. The application enables CardFinans’ member businesses to submit requests for point-of-sale devices & related consumables, visual materials, tech support and much more. Finansbank’s Card Member Merchant application is a great example for SME marketing using mobile technologies.

Odeabank (Bank Audi) wanted to manage all internal information and processes within a single interface, accessible not only through desktops but also tablets and various mobile devices. To meet their demand, we carefully crafted an MS SharePoint based Intranet portal for optimal cross-platform usability. State-of-the-art Modern UI style based design combined with advanced features, such as document libraries, workflows, forms & mobile signature, enables employees to easily and efficiently carry out their daily tasks.


When Bank Audi, one of the most prominent banks in the MENA region entered the Turkish banking sector under the name of Odeabank, they asked us to build a web presence that reflects the new bank’s dynamic and modern identity. Based on MS SharePoint and BehaviorPad we have build a dynamic web site that presents products & services and offers interactive tools such as loan calculators and application forms integrated to the core banking system.


We developed native mobile applications for Paritem, Turkey’s first foreign exchange platform offered by Anadolu Securities, a subsidiary of Anadolubank. Using the application, available for both iOS and Android environments, customers are able to access their accounts 24/7, review analysis data complete with interactive charts, access market news & international financial calendar and make transactions via user-friendly interfaces.

We built the Online Trading Platform of Oyak Securities, one of the leading investment companies in Turkey. Developed on top of the core banking system with a clear focus on clear-cut and user-friendly experience, the new online branch of Oyak Securities provides customers a complete set of features including the ability to trade stocks, bonds, funds and options, real-time data services, banking transactions, portfolio management and more. 

Silver / Advergames / Digital Age Awards 2012
Silver / Advergames / IAB Mixx Awards 2011

Turkish banking giant Yapı Kredi sought an interactive campaign to present mortgages as a swift route to home ownership. Harnessing the viral strength of Facebook, we created MortgageMania, a massive social multiplayer board game that allowed users to invest in diverse real estate using virtual mortgage credits from Yapi Kredi. Success was confirmed by over 50,000 unique players with an average interaction time of over 2 hours.

"Sunumatik" enables members of IS'TE KOBI, the leading portal of the banking giant Isbank, focusing on the needs of small and medium enterprises, to create their company presentations with minimum effort. The application provides ready-made bilingual (English & Turkish) templates, data and graphics customized for specific industries, online access, social, public and private sharing tools and all features one would expect from a modern day professional authoring tool like themes and layouts, charts, lists, pictures, and Flash animations in a self-explanatory wizard-like interface.

The application was awarded Gold at the Mixx Awards 2011 in the B2B category.

We developed a complex, data-driven and feature-rich investor relations portal for Türk Telekom. Aimed at various target personas, such as individual & institutional investors and analysts, the portal provides customized information architecture, content and feature set for each. The much acclaimed portal won the “Best IR Web Site in Europe” as well as the “Best Telco IR Web Site Worldwide” awards at the prestigious IR Global Rankings.

Turkish banking giant Yapi Kredi, has launched an innovative credit card product that enables people to pay for anything in installments. To spread the word online and tell what the card does in an entertaining way, we have created an advergame called "Cash City".

The game starts with the sad story and bleak look of Cash City. Then our hero rushes to the rescue and helps us to pay in installments. The mechanism of the game is to break down the fast approaching items with the credit card, using the mouse. All items represent something the user may want to pay in installments (e.g. dinner, groceries, concert tickets, rental car etc.) At every new stage, we ask the user to break the items with a new move. The more difficult the move, the higher the points. With every item that's been broken down successfully, the city becomes more colorful and eventually goes back to its happy days.

Silver / Social Media / Crystal Apple Awards 2011
Bronze / Social Marketing / IAB Mixx Awards 2011

We produced a Facebook application to advertise Finansbank’s personal loan campaign that offered lower rates to those who apply during the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice. We have created a pyramid scheme where, we asked users to send their “hands” to their friends. They gained 3 cents for each friend that kissed the hand. The companion marketing statement throughout the game was, “You won’t have to kiss anyone’s hand for money if you visit Finansbank”.

With its simple and entertaining structure based on a long-standing tradition, the application went viral and was used by over 48,000 people who sent over 250,000 “hand-kiss requests” within only 18 days.

Yapi Kredi, Turkey's first privately-owned bank with a nationwide presence needed a revolutionary redesign and development of its existing corporate Intranet which was starting to fall short of  effectively supporting internal communications. We re-architected a new Intranet based on MS SharePoint that delivered a unified platform for content management and collaboration while also paving the way for significant business process improvements.

DenizBank, one of Turkey’s leading private banks and the leader in the commercial cards market asked us to build a new corporate Intranet based on MS SharePoint. Working together with the DenizBank team and Intertech we created a centralized solution with improved information architecture, content/document management & search functions that dramatically accelerate information retrieval and boost productivity and end-user adoption.

Denizbank’s website was built as a full-fledged banking portal with a comprehensive content and equipped with most innovative features and applications. While Denizbank products and services are presented effectively with a contemporary design, the website also provides utility tools such as advanced calculators, rates & fee tables, ATM & branch finders and more. Powered with Google Search Appliance & BehaviorPad, Denizbank website is based on a multi-functional CMS developed by MagiClick on ASP.NET.