We have built a Fantasy Wealth Management contest platform that offers a valuable risk-free training ground to HSBC employees. Integrated with real-time data, participants are able to invest in stocks, gold, foreign exchange and bonds, perform market, limit and stop orders, display daily and weekly profit analysis with interactive charts - all through a user-friendly interface that offers fast action capability.

We have built an MS SharePoint based collaboration portal that enables mortgage specialists at Yapi Kredi Bank to easily  access product information &  advanced calculation tools, coordinate client meetings, and get detailed personal and region-wide sales reports.  We have also built additional features such as blogs, chat and a multi-player mortgage themed quiz-show to increase sharing of ideas among team members and improve team spirit.

Living in age where technology evolves rapidly, the importance of innovation is increasing accordingly. The MS SharePoint 2010 based collaboration portal we have developed for Yapi Kredi Bank's IT Department encourages its team members to take an active role in the evolution of new ideas by presenting them with creative and collaborative tools.

We have created an innovative online tool for HSBC that allows its customers to individualize the look of their credit cards.  A user-friendly application interface presents users with the options of  uploading their own picture or pick one from a gallery. Users can easily adjust the positioning of pictures and add their own text. Once the design is approved by HSBC, the order is passed to the credit card manufacturer and the new card is sent to the customer within days.