Projects Completed For Yapi Kredi

One of the first banking & finance applications on Windows Store, Yapı Kredi World’s Windows 8 Application runs on a common content management system we have built when creating the brand’s web site at WorldCard.Com.Tr. Based on metro design principles, the pioneering application enables its users to follow World’s latest offers, search for any information needed on the card and apply to different types of cards.

Silver / Advergames / Digital Age Awards 2012
Silver / Advergames / IAB Mixx Awards 2011

Turkish banking giant Yapı Kredi sought an interactive campaign to present mortgages as a swift route to home ownership. Harnessing the viral strength of Facebook, we created MortgageMania, a massive social multiplayer board game that allowed users to invest in diverse real estate using virtual mortgage credits from Yapi Kredi. Success was confirmed by over 50,000 unique players with an average interaction time of over 2 hours.

We have built an MS SharePoint based collaboration portal that enables mortgage specialists at Yapi Kredi Bank to easily  access product information &  advanced calculation tools, coordinate client meetings, and get detailed personal and region-wide sales reports.  We have also built additional features such as blogs, chat and a multi-player mortgage themed quiz-show to increase sharing of ideas among team members and improve team spirit.

Living in age where technology evolves rapidly, the importance of innovation is increasing accordingly. The MS SharePoint 2010 based collaboration portal we have developed for Yapi Kredi Bank's IT Department encourages its team members to take an active role in the evolution of new ideas by presenting them with creative and collaborative tools.

Turkish banking giant Yapi Kredi, has launched an innovative credit card product that enables people to pay for anything in installments. To spread the word online and tell what the card does in an entertaining way, we have created an advergame called "Cash City".

The game starts with the sad story and bleak look of Cash City. Then our hero rushes to the rescue and helps us to pay in installments. The mechanism of the game is to break down the fast approaching items with the credit card, using the mouse. All items represent something the user may want to pay in installments (e.g. dinner, groceries, concert tickets, rental car etc.) At every new stage, we ask the user to break the items with a new move. The more difficult the move, the higher the points. With every item that's been broken down successfully, the city becomes more colorful and eventually goes back to its happy days.

Yapı Kredi Asset Management and its team of dedicated managers and specialists administrate a wide range of products in various asset classes. The MS SharePoint based portal we have created enables them to quickly and efficiently access detailed information regarding all investment products and their market performance while tools such as forums, news and contests increase collaboration among all stakeholders and improve team morale.

Yapi Kredi's Management of Information Systems Portal aims to present the bank's IT processes in a user friendly way to increase user adoption. To help with this goal we have created an MS SharePoint internal portal utilizes various interactive and collaborative tools as well as charts analyzing the usage statistics of the IT infrastructure.

Yapi Kredi, Turkey's first privately-owned bank with a nationwide presence needed a revolutionary redesign and development of its existing corporate Intranet which was starting to fall short of  effectively supporting internal communications. We re-architected a new Intranet based on MS SharePoint that delivered a unified platform for content management and collaboration while also paving the way for significant business process improvements.

In 2009 Yapi Kredi joined forces with the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Agency on a social resonsibility project called "Endless Blue" aimed at creating conciousness and awareness among elementary and high school students about protecting seas. We stepped in to engage the target audience and bring more fun to the subject. We created an easy-to-play advergame called "Alipot and Sea Detectives", where Alipot the Hero tries to prevent sea pollution and rescue his marine friends from wastes & dumps.

Tasked with creating an online campaign for Yapi Kredi Bank's new travel & entertainment card Adios we have created an advergame "Where Are We Going? With Whom?". Built on a real-time multi-player game-show format the game picks a letter and asks contestants

  • where they want to go (e.g. a city/country etc.)
  • with whom they want to go there (e.g. a female/male name)
  • what they want to see (e.g. a monument/mountain/lake etc.)
  • what they want to eat/drink (e.g. a fish meal, a sushi type, an alcoholic drink etc.)

All answers have to start with the pre-selected letter. Contestants who enter unique words (words that have not been entered by other contestants) get bonus points.

The game proved to be a huge hit and addictive for over 50,000 people who played the game 5.8 times on average during the one-month-long campaign.

Yapi Kredi appointed us to create online assets for its new travel & entertainment card Adios.

We started with creating a brand site that reflects the vibrant, energetic and entertaining feel of the new brand while effectively communicating the its innovative features and benefits.

To maximise engagement time with visitors we also created an advergame "Where Are We Going? With Whom?" which proved to be a huge hit and addictive for over 50,000 people who played the game 5.8 times on average during the one-month-long campaign.

Worldcard wanted to build a viral campaign for Valentine's Day. We enabled people to send each other personalized valentine e-cards with a great twist. We weaved the application around Vadaa, the brand's cute 3D mascot. We let people choose among several 3D Vadaa animations, here the character accompanies the valentine's day couples with music of their own choosing. As Vadaa has its own special language we also created an "online translator" to turn people's Valentine's Day messages into the language of Vadaa. Not surprisingly, the campaign was a great success with people sending Vadaa cards to their loved ones in the tens of thousands.