Projects Completed For Fortis

Renamed as Fortis Turkey Cup after signing a sponsorship deal with Fortis Bank in 2005, Turkey Cup is the second most important football competition in Turkey. The sponsorship and the marketing activities built around it made Fortis a top ten brand in Turkey and we were privileged to play a role in this success story as the interactive agency of record during the four-year sponsorship period.

As part of multi-platform integrated campaign we have built a multi-player football game where players took turns to score goals. we enhanced the ambiance of the game by using real team names & colors, real commentator talks and spectator cheers that are taken from authentic records and used with special permissions.

The game became a huge success and attracted over 350,000 members playing the game over 10 million times during its 3-season run and has been widely recognized one of the most successful interactive campaigns in Turkey.

As an early adopter of the Facebook application platform we built Turkey's first Facebook app for a brand in 2007.

A simple match results prediction tournament for Fortis Turkey Soccer Cup, the application attracted over 50,000 people and received extensive media coverage.

When Fortis, an international provider of banking and insurance services decided to introduce their "Ideal Family Package", a financial package including different types of loan, investment & insurance products targeting mainly newlyweds, they tasked us with promoting the product online.

Along a microsite, we created a mini three-level platform game. The game begins with a father character who collects golden bonus (opportunities) while trying to avoid life’s obstacles symbolized by crows, porcupines & thorny plants. At the end of the first stage he is presented with an opportunity to catch a “wedding ring”. If successful, in stage 2 he is joined by her wife. In level 3 the “kid” joins the “Ideal Family”, and life goes on…

In 2005 Fortis, has acquired Disbank, one of the leading banks in Turkey. Within a very short time frame they launched a huge nation-wide marketing campaign to familiarize the Turkish customers with the new brand.

To maximize return on investment on the banner campaign, we have developed three small casual game alternatives in form of rollover banners. All games were based on the idea of making customers spend time with the new logo/brand.

Developing games within the small banner sizes accepted by the major portals was a real technical challenge. Three different games were developed: A 2D car-driving game, an archanoid (brick-crashing) and a simple puzzle. The result was a record clickthrough rate of 7% for the campaign.