Projects Completed For Efes Pilsen

Best Advergame of The Year / Digital Age Awards

Tapping the viral edge of Facebook, our grid-puzzle based detective game clued Bomonti’s target consumers, intellectual young society, into the beer’s 122 year experience as Istanbul’s first brand. Period aesthetics set the tone in a cool race against time to solve cases and win prizes. Adding excitement, players got extra clue credits for inviting their Facebook friends, where swift detection meant high points.

Efes, a leading European brewer, and Turkey’s market leader, tasked us to promote its retro brand, Bomonti, Istanbul’s oldest beer. Our old-school juke box of comic Turkish sound clips, many from TV and cinema, and that have a place in the nation’s heart, piggy-backed the viral nature of both humour and Facebook. Users were able to share nostalgic one-liners, while associating Efes’s retro Bomonti beer brand with the best of yesteryear.

In 2006 Efes Pilsener, one of the top ten selling beer brands in Europe initiated a new global marketing campaign to present itself as the “mysterious choice”. Inspired by the fact that the company derives its name from the ancient Greek city of Efes (Ephesus) and the new positioning of the brand we have created a mystical adventure game “Escape from Artemis”.

Escape from Artemis is a quest in search of beautiful Efelia below the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world but also notorious for being a hide out for the local criminals. Its rich illustrative content comprising over 50 different objects in 30+ rooms is a product of creative minds fed with ancient history of Anatolia and mythology. The game combines game players’ motivation and curiosity to find out the puzzles and new worlds in the mazes of Artemis with Efes Pilsener’s focus on mystery and mischievousness.

The game won the Best Advergame of The Year Award at the 2006 Grand Interactive Awards.