Projects Completed For Domino's Pizza

Leading pizza delivery giant Domino’s Pizza requested an application to promote its online ordering service that built on an existing loyal crowd. Our pizza slice trading advergame “Complete The Flavour” exploited the viral possibilities of Facebook to reward users’ hunger for game play, acknowledged achievement, and pizza with excitement, “shared” Facebook status and discounted orders during the campaign period.

Building on the viral possibilities of Facebook, our advergame combined the challenge of billiards with the glamour of TV anchorwoman and sports commentator Burcu Esmersoy to showcase Domino’s new 12 topping "Bol Malzemos" pizza, expand Facebook fan-base and promote online ordering. Twelve toppings, twelve balls, and 53,000 registered players over the 3-month campaign period ensured huge success on all three fronts.

Ordering pizza on Domino's web site is very simple, but underneath lays a complex system that is integrated to the company’s call center and internal ordering systems used in over 300 restaurants. The e-commerce system we built for Domino’s not only includes advanced features like dynamic promotion creation, ability to create instant offers and a loyalty program; but also enables the management of all mobile applications from a centralized platform.

The success of Domino’s Pizza's Online Ordering infrastructure built by MagiClick was bolstered with the launch of iOS, Android and Windows mobile applications together with a mobile website, all powered by the centralized API providing the channel based product & promotion management and ordering infrastructure.  The channels made an immediate impact by new customer acquisition and becoming the first choice for ordering pizza for a significant amount of Domino’s Pizza customers.

We have designed & developed an Extranet for Domino’s Turkey to improve collaboration and add value to its relationships with Domino’s restaurants. Easily managed by Domino’s HQ team, the extranet contains news & announcements, help & FAQ, success stories, document library supporting audio and video files and also an order fulfillment & management module through which restaurants place orders for their daily needs.