Projects Completed For Abdi Ibrahim

With a need to collaborate with and communicate company information to a dispersed workforce, Abdi Ibrahim, the leader in the Turkish pharmaceutical market in turnover and total box sales, asked us to re-build its corporate intranet. Built on MS SharePoint 2010, the new intranet enables the company’s over 3,500 employees to access latest news, events, procedures, policies and other documentation in an easier, faster and more efficient way.

When AI Pharmaceuticals,  a regional leader in generic drug production, introduced “Norlevo”, the morning-after pill to the market MagiClick created a brand site and a casual game a game synthesising relevant subject matter and entertainment to educate prospective consumers & healthcare professionals.

Catch Me If You Can, a multi-level arcade game is a four-level hunt for sperms! The goal of the game is to maximize score by catching as many sperms as one can. The game has four levels. At every level a faster sperm type is introduced. To pass to the next level the player needs to answer a question about the product correctly.

At the end of the game, the player is faced with number of sperms he/she missed during the game. The message is simple: Birth-control may be a real challenge! One should not take any chances with it.