Projects Completed For Danette

Danone Group's Danette, a cream desert loved by the "whole family" wanted an interactive campaign that would engage, ... the "whole family". What would be a better idea than to have families take part in an online game show about celebrities?

We invited Ziya Kürküt, a seasoned TV personality to host our online show, and developed a multi-player game where players answer questions about randomly selected celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Roberto Carlos.

Everytime the host "clacks" a Danette box, a celebrity knocks at the door and is invited in. Real players matched randomly against each other have to answer two questions about that celebrity and receive points based on how fast they click on the correct answer. Off to a great start, the game attrated over 40,000 registered users in its first month.

After the huge success of "Danette Sweet Wars" multi-player advergame launched in 2008 which attracted over 65,000 kids, Danette, the fun brand of Danone Group wanted us a "reloaded" version of the game with enhanced gameplay and new visuals.

The new version of the game registered twice as many kids as the first one attracting over 130,000 kids playing the game over 1 million times during the two-month campaign.

The game that could be played freely by everyone for ten times and required the entering of a product code for further plays boosted Danette's sales and became on of the most successful campaigns in the history of Danone.