Advergames & Campaigns

Best Advergame of The Year / Digital Age Awards

Tapping the viral edge of Facebook, our grid-puzzle based detective game clued Bomonti’s target consumers, intellectual young society, into the beer’s 122 year experience as Istanbul’s first brand. Period aesthetics set the tone in a cool race against time to solve cases and win prizes. Adding excitement, players got extra clue credits for inviting their Facebook friends, where swift detection meant high points.

Silver / Advergames / Digital Age Awards 2012
Silver / Advergames / IAB Mixx Awards 2011

Turkish banking giant Yapı Kredi sought an interactive campaign to present mortgages as a swift route to home ownership. Harnessing the viral strength of Facebook, we created MortgageMania, a massive social multiplayer board game that allowed users to invest in diverse real estate using virtual mortgage credits from Yapi Kredi. Success was confirmed by over 50,000 unique players with an average interaction time of over 2 hours.

Best Brand Awareness & Positioning Campaign / IAB Mixx Awards Europe 2012

Danone Group's Danino wanted to boost brand loyalty, strengthen its mascot Dino’s emotional bond with children and simultaneously increase sales. To answer these goals, we utilized a diverse set of technologies such as 3D, Flash, augmented reality, and object recognition to make children undergo a memorable and magical experience.

The 2-month campaign has proven to be a huge success. The “Discover the Animals” application has been used by 2 million different visitors.  It gained over 180,000 members who experienced the magic of Dino. More than 500,000 magnets, which corresponds to 3 million Danino product sales, have been shown to webcams all around Turkey.

Silver / Social Media / Crystal Apple Awards 2011
Bronze / Social Marketing / IAB Mixx Awards 2011

We produced a Facebook application to advertise Finansbank’s personal loan campaign that offered lower rates to those who apply during the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice. We have created a pyramid scheme where, we asked users to send their “hands” to their friends. They gained 3 cents for each friend that kissed the hand. The companion marketing statement throughout the game was, “You won’t have to kiss anyone’s hand for money if you visit Finansbank”.

With its simple and entertaining structure based on a long-standing tradition, the application went viral and was used by over 48,000 people who sent over 250,000 “hand-kiss requests” within only 18 days.

Tapping kid’s creativity and love of collecting, our application to launch kids’ food brand Danino’s new campaign pursues greater sales, brand loyalty, and emotional bond with its mascot, Dino. Mirroring real play dough given with packs of Danino, we let kids loose on 30 play dough shapes and colors, some there upfront to teach the rules. Remaining ones come by entering codes found on Danino 6-packs. A code unlocks another shape and color, with kids awarded a creativity-point for each one entered.

Best Advergame of the Year / Crystal Apple Awards / 2010

Finansbank wanted an interactive campaign that was as innovative as their new account deposit product. To make it happen, we have created a multi-player advergame that puts a fresh spin on an old childhood favorite - Tabletop Penny Football. The game, complete with animated table with different levels of slipperiness, pennies, cursor-guided hands, and flicking fingers that shoot the pennies across the table, gets even more fun as the table is set with true-to-life "hazards" such as cell phone, mouse, ruler, pens, and even a coffee cup.

The result was 50,000+ people registering to play the game and play it over 750,000 times during the eight-weeks-long campaign, representing over an hour of brand engagement per player.

Efes, a leading European brewer, and Turkey’s market leader, tasked us to promote its retro brand, Bomonti, Istanbul’s oldest beer. Our old-school juke box of comic Turkish sound clips, many from TV and cinema, and that have a place in the nation’s heart, piggy-backed the viral nature of both humour and Facebook. Users were able to share nostalgic one-liners, while associating Efes’s retro Bomonti beer brand with the best of yesteryear.

Leading pizza delivery giant Domino’s Pizza requested an application to promote its online ordering service that built on an existing loyal crowd. Our pizza slice trading advergame “Complete The Flavour” exploited the viral possibilities of Facebook to reward users’ hunger for game play, acknowledged achievement, and pizza with excitement, “shared” Facebook status and discounted orders during the campaign period.

Turkish banking giant Yapi Kredi, has launched an innovative credit card product that enables people to pay for anything in installments. To spread the word online and tell what the card does in an entertaining way, we have created an advergame called "Cash City".

The game starts with the sad story and bleak look of Cash City. Then our hero rushes to the rescue and helps us to pay in installments. The mechanism of the game is to break down the fast approaching items with the credit card, using the mouse. All items represent something the user may want to pay in installments (e.g. dinner, groceries, concert tickets, rental car etc.) At every new stage, we ask the user to break the items with a new move. The more difficult the move, the higher the points. With every item that's been broken down successfully, the city becomes more colorful and eventually goes back to its happy days.

Building on the viral possibilities of Facebook, our advergame combined the challenge of billiards with the glamour of TV anchorwoman and sports commentator Burcu Esmersoy to showcase Domino’s new 12 topping "Bol Malzemos" pizza, expand Facebook fan-base and promote online ordering. Twelve toppings, twelve balls, and 53,000 registered players over the 3-month campaign period ensured huge success on all three fronts.

Danone Group's Danino, a brand dedicated to help children to optimise their nutritional intake to facilitate healthy growth, wanted to boost brand loyalty with mothers who have children between the ages 1 and 4.

We created an interactive web campaign designed to engage mothers at an emotional level. Let Everyone Live Happily Ever After - makes it fast, easy and fun for mothers to create stories for their children and about their children. The application provides more than 400 ready-made illustrations moms use to create magical stories filled with heroes and heroines, villains and animals. And then they simply type in their text.

Danone Group's Danette, a cream desert loved by the "whole family" wanted an interactive campaign that would engage, ... the "whole family". What would be a better idea than to have families take part in an online game show about celebrities?

We invited Ziya Kürküt, a seasoned TV personality to host our online show, and developed a multi-player game where players answer questions about randomly selected celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Roberto Carlos.

Everytime the host "clacks" a Danette box, a celebrity knocks at the door and is invited in. Real players matched randomly against each other have to answer two questions about that celebrity and receive points based on how fast they click on the correct answer. Off to a great start, the game attrated over 40,000 registered users in its first month.

Akbank, one of the biggest banks in Turkey asked us to create an interactive campaign for its premium Travel Card "Wings" that will bring the brand closer to its existing and potential clients. To achieve that, we created a country card exchange game as a Facebook application.

In the multi-player game players are randomly dealt ten country cards on which there are variables like population, GNP per capita, area size along with how many "Wings Mileage Points" they need to fly to that country for free. Each player picks three variables they think are strongest on their card and race them against the opponent's. One with the better variables captures the other card. Players with the highest number of cards at the end of the monthly campaign periods receive free flight tickets from Wings.

Unilever wanted to engage online-savvy teenage girls when introducing the "Teens" variant of their world-best-selling deodorant brand Rexona to the market. We helped them by creating an integrated campaign complete with an offbeat microsite, a Facebook application, interactive banners, e-mail marketing, social dialog and more. The piece that become the biggest hit of the campaign however, was the Rexona Teens Dance Studio Game.

We have created a tycoon game with ten levels where players run their own dance studio and try to attend to their customers needs on time. Keeping customers satisfied means more money for studio enhancements like bigger dressing room, more waiting couches, better dance teachers etc.

More than 50,000 teenage girls registered to play the game and the campaign was selected as one of the top ten digital campaigns of 2009 by Digital Age Magazine.

HSBC Turkey tasked us with bringing their Advantage Credit Card brand closer to the 18-30 age group. Using the Facebook application platform we have created a social card exchange game with a 40-card set with pictures of different "Advantage" objects (shoes, bag, plane etc.) on them.

Players, dealt with 10 random cards turned the cards into valid ordered combinations, win points and receive new ones. The social feature, that made the game a success, was that the game allowed for exchanges among Facebook Friends. The more friends were in the game the more one's chances were to reach higher points.

The game turned into a social gaming phenomenon overnight and made over 100,000 fans for HSBC in only two months. The campaign has been recognized as on of the top four online financial service marketing projects at the prestigious 2008 NYF Midas Awards.

Tasked with creating an online campaign for Yapi Kredi Bank's new travel & entertainment card Adios we have created an advergame "Where Are We Going? With Whom?". Built on a real-time multi-player game-show format the game picks a letter and asks contestants

  • where they want to go (e.g. a city/country etc.)
  • with whom they want to go there (e.g. a female/male name)
  • what they want to see (e.g. a monument/mountain/lake etc.)
  • what they want to eat/drink (e.g. a fish meal, a sushi type, an alcoholic drink etc.)

All answers have to start with the pre-selected letter. Contestants who enter unique words (words that have not been entered by other contestants) get bonus points.

The game proved to be a huge hit and addictive for over 50,000 people who played the game 5.8 times on average during the one-month-long campaign.

We have created the first Twitter based social media campaign of Turkey for Pegasus Airlines. To support the launch of Pegasus' Twitter account, for a whloe month we twitted its followers random questions about the company and whoever answered the questions correctly before anyone else does received free domestic flight tickets!

The campaign instantly made Pegasus the leading company account on the platform.

After the huge success of "Danette Sweet Wars" multi-player advergame launched in 2008 which attracted over 65,000 kids, Danette, the fun brand of Danone Group wanted us a "reloaded" version of the game with enhanced gameplay and new visuals.

The new version of the game registered twice as many kids as the first one attracting over 130,000 kids playing the game over 1 million times during the two-month campaign.

The game that could be played freely by everyone for ten times and required the entering of a product code for further plays boosted Danette's sales and became on of the most successful campaigns in the history of Danone.

How can you make data collection fun? HSBC wanted to learn their clients preferences about their money allocation between different needs like education, travel, retirement, automobile, savings etc.

We created an easy to play game where people fly an HSCB branded baloon from one island to another, At each island registered players were asked how much money they want to allocate to a specific financial need.

Also created as a Facebook application, the game has been a big hit among HSBC customers, leaving valuable preference data in ten thousands.

In 2009 Yapi Kredi joined forces with the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Agency on a social resonsibility project called "Endless Blue" aimed at creating conciousness and awareness among elementary and high school students about protecting seas. We stepped in to engage the target audience and bring more fun to the subject. We created an easy-to-play advergame called "Alipot and Sea Detectives", where Alipot the Hero tries to prevent sea pollution and rescue his marine friends from wastes & dumps.

Unilever asked us to support the "Let The Numbers Flow" campaign of their blockbuster product Axe. We answered with building one of the first Papervision based microsites around, filled it with videos and tips about how to get more numbers from girls, and scored big with a video based advergame that engaged thousands of young guys.

Worldcard wanted to build a viral campaign for Valentine's Day. We enabled people to send each other personalized valentine e-cards with a great twist. We weaved the application around Vadaa, the brand's cute 3D mascot. We let people choose among several 3D Vadaa animations, here the character accompanies the valentine's day couples with music of their own choosing. As Vadaa has its own special language we also created an "online translator" to turn people's Valentine's Day messages into the language of Vadaa. Not surprisingly, the campaign was a great success with people sending Vadaa cards to their loved ones in the tens of thousands.

Ülker, the biggest food conglomerate in Turkey commissioned us the building of a Game Portal to engage their younger audience. Working in coordination with pedagogues we have initially created a portal with 12 games built on an integrated portal framework where every game played and point received contributes to a single portal-level rating.

We created an online karaoke contest for kids where we let them rap over the Danette jingle online, share it with their friends and register it for the evaluation of other site visitors.

Renamed as Fortis Turkey Cup after signing a sponsorship deal with Fortis Bank in 2005, Turkey Cup is the second most important football competition in Turkey. The sponsorship and the marketing activities built around it made Fortis a top ten brand in Turkey and we were privileged to play a role in this success story as the interactive agency of record during the four-year sponsorship period.

As part of multi-platform integrated campaign we have built a multi-player football game where players took turns to score goals. we enhanced the ambiance of the game by using real team names & colors, real commentator talks and spectator cheers that are taken from authentic records and used with special permissions.

The game became a huge success and attracted over 350,000 members playing the game over 10 million times during its 3-season run and has been widely recognized one of the most successful interactive campaigns in Turkey.

When Hayat Water needed to raise awareness about the connection of water and health, we stepped in to create an online quiz show about water facts. We built a multiplayer game where contestants choose their own animated avatars and try to beat their opponents correctly answering 10 questions randomly selected from hundred of water related facts categorized under the subjects of art, history, geography, literature, science and health.  

As an early adopter of the Facebook application platform we built Turkey's first Facebook app for a brand in 2007.

A simple match results prediction tournament for Fortis Turkey Soccer Cup, the application attracted over 50,000 people and received extensive media coverage.

The core marketing goal of HSBC's Advantage Card is to establish the idea that "if you want to buy something, it's always advantageous to buy it with the Advantage Card", and the offline campaign takes this a litle further by showing that "it's so advantageous, people want to dance after purchasing something with it."

The Advantage Card Invitation to Dance banner is an interactive banner based on the idea of having people tap to the rhythm of the Advantage Card on their keyboards and inviting them to the colorful, party-like world of the Advantage Card.

Under 25 Kb only, due to size restrictions placed by mainstream portals, the banner has reached a 4.8% clickthrough rate (8 times the industry average). The invitation to dance banner is awarded by the top advertising competition Crystal Apple in 2007 and won the "Best Banner" award at the 2008 Grand Interactive Awards.

In 2006 Efes Pilsener, one of the top ten selling beer brands in Europe initiated a new global marketing campaign to present itself as the “mysterious choice”. Inspired by the fact that the company derives its name from the ancient Greek city of Efes (Ephesus) and the new positioning of the brand we have created a mystical adventure game “Escape from Artemis”.

Escape from Artemis is a quest in search of beautiful Efelia below the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world but also notorious for being a hide out for the local criminals. Its rich illustrative content comprising over 50 different objects in 30+ rooms is a product of creative minds fed with ancient history of Anatolia and mythology. The game combines game players’ motivation and curiosity to find out the puzzles and new worlds in the mazes of Artemis with Efes Pilsener’s focus on mystery and mischievousness.

The game won the Best Advergame of The Year Award at the 2006 Grand Interactive Awards.

When Bayer, started introducing Levitra, its erectile dysfunction drug into the market, it needed a different, less-traditional marketing tool.

We have answered Bayer’s needs with “Orange Night”, a mini three-level platform game built around a mid-aged, white collar male character, representing the primary target audience of Levitra. The character goes out to a bar to have a good time. The orange pill he finds there changes the nature of his evening!

When Fortis, an international provider of banking and insurance services decided to introduce their "Ideal Family Package", a financial package including different types of loan, investment & insurance products targeting mainly newlyweds, they tasked us with promoting the product online.

Along a microsite, we created a mini three-level platform game. The game begins with a father character who collects golden bonus (opportunities) while trying to avoid life’s obstacles symbolized by crows, porcupines & thorny plants. At the end of the first stage he is presented with an opportunity to catch a “wedding ring”. If successful, in stage 2 he is joined by her wife. In level 3 the “kid” joins the “Ideal Family”, and life goes on…

In 2005 Fortis, has acquired Disbank, one of the leading banks in Turkey. Within a very short time frame they launched a huge nation-wide marketing campaign to familiarize the Turkish customers with the new brand.

To maximize return on investment on the banner campaign, we have developed three small casual game alternatives in form of rollover banners. All games were based on the idea of making customers spend time with the new logo/brand.

Developing games within the small banner sizes accepted by the major portals was a real technical challenge. Three different games were developed: A 2D car-driving game, an archanoid (brick-crashing) and a simple puzzle. The result was a record clickthrough rate of 7% for the campaign.

To help GlaxoSmithKline, one of the the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, create public disease awareness and to promote Avandia to healthcare professionals in Turkey, we have created a healthcare portal and a game that synthesised relevant subject matter and entertainment.

Dr. Avandia is a simple arcade game based on Avandia’s mechanism of action in the human body. Avandia, effective for Type II diabetes, stimulates the cells to improve insulin sensitivity.

The main character of the game, Dr. Avandia needs to continuously jump on the red blood cells to keep them awake. If they fall asleep they can not properly digest the sugars and the blood-sugar level increases. There are also two "bad" characters that sometime appear and put the cells they jump on to heavy sleep, in which case Dr. Avandia needs to jump on those cells twice to wake them up.

Vestel, a global player in the field of consumer electronics and white goods wanted to promote its research & development orientation in a congenial way. We prepared a game that utilizes its TV-ad character Veysel, played by famous comedian Ata Demirer.

Veysel’s Escape to the Future, developed by using pixel-art and 3D modelling techniques, allows players to walk around a isometric house model, meanwhile discovering Vestel products and also simple facts about the company.

When AI Pharmaceuticals,  a regional leader in generic drug production, introduced “Norlevo”, the morning-after pill to the market MagiClick created a brand site and a casual game a game synthesising relevant subject matter and entertainment to educate prospective consumers & healthcare professionals.

Catch Me If You Can, a multi-level arcade game is a four-level hunt for sperms! The goal of the game is to maximize score by catching as many sperms as one can. The game has four levels. At every level a faster sperm type is introduced. To pass to the next level the player needs to answer a question about the product correctly.

At the end of the game, the player is faced with number of sperms he/she missed during the game. The message is simple: Birth-control may be a real challenge! One should not take any chances with it.