Custom Tools & Applications

We built the Online Trading Platform of Oyak Securities, one of the leading investment companies in Turkey. Developed on top of the core banking system with a clear focus on clear-cut and user-friendly experience, the new online branch of Oyak Securities provides customers a complete set of features including the ability to trade stocks, bonds, funds and options, real-time data services, banking transactions, portfolio management and more. 

Mercedes-Benz, world’s leading motor vehicle manufacturer, asked us to develop an internal portal that allows Mercedes-Benz’s employees quick & easy access to various internal applications. We created a fully-customizable interactive dashboard - complete with online note taking, quick access to app documents and most used app list features - that allows company employees to create their own application lists by using drag and drop gestures.

"Sunumatik" enables members of IS'TE KOBI, the leading portal of the banking giant Isbank, focusing on the needs of small and medium enterprises, to create their company presentations with minimum effort. The application provides ready-made bilingual (English & Turkish) templates, data and graphics customized for specific industries, online access, social, public and private sharing tools and all features one would expect from a modern day professional authoring tool like themes and layouts, charts, lists, pictures, and Flash animations in a self-explanatory wizard-like interface.

The application was awarded Gold at the Mixx Awards 2011 in the B2B category.

We have built a Fantasy Wealth Management contest platform that offers a valuable risk-free training ground to HSBC employees. Integrated with real-time data, participants are able to invest in stocks, gold, foreign exchange and bonds, perform market, limit and stop orders, display daily and weekly profit analysis with interactive charts - all through a user-friendly interface that offers fast action capability.

We have developed an online platform that allows Novo Nordisk to easily manage physicians’ congress attendance sponsorship application & approval processes. Depending on its type, every sponsorship application entered by a sales rep triggers the corresponding authorisation workflow scheme incorporating key decision makers. Integration with the company’s internal database allows the sales rep and physician data to always remain up-to-date.

We have designed & developed an Extranet for Domino’s Turkey to improve collaboration and add value to its relationships with Domino’s restaurants. Easily managed by Domino’s HQ team, the extranet contains news & announcements, help & FAQ, success stories, document library supporting audio and video files and also an order fulfillment & management module through which restaurants place orders for their daily needs.

Using innovative tools such as MS Silverlight to bridge the gap between development and design, we have created the next-generation ATM framework for DenizBank by developing screen designs & workflows, animations and data binding modules. With the powerful visual and interactive capabilities of the Silverlight technology, the result was a consistently rich and ground-breaking experience for the bank's customers.

We have developed an online testing platform for Novo Nordisk so that internal employee knowledge assessments that previously were handled manually, can be managed more efficiently and with less effort & cost.

Developed to run on the MS SQL Server database using Microsoft.NET technology, the software installation facilitates easy management by Novo Nordisk test administrators.

Using the underlying administration interfaces, Novo Nordisk test administrators can create as many tests as they wish and specify which individuals will take the test. The administration interfaces also provides test results and assessment.

The application is used in the Middle East an North Africa offices of Novo Nordisk.

We have created an innovative online tool for HSBC that allows its customers to individualize the look of their credit cards.  A user-friendly application interface presents users with the options of  uploading their own picture or pick one from a gallery. Users can easily adjust the positioning of pictures and add their own text. Once the design is approved by HSBC, the order is passed to the credit card manufacturer and the new card is sent to the customer within days.

We have developed an online program for Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals’ Oncology department who wanted to support hematologists and oncologists by helping them with  their scientific publications. Physicians using the program submit their draft articles via an easy-to-use application interface and follow-up the translation, proofreading,  editing and formatting process online. Hundreds of physicians have already benefited from the program.

HSBC “Açık Alan” (Open Space) is a custom blogware application designed with all relevant bells and whistles such as rating, comments, themes, personalization, e-mail notifications, user statistics etc. to promote internal communication among HSBC employees by giving them the opportunity to break free from the normative and hierarchical structure of banking and express their opinions in a more relaxed and friendly environment.

We have developed a Fantasy Stock Picking Contest on Facebook integrated with real-data from the Istanbul Stock Exchange data. Sponsored  by Finansbank, the application allowed contestants to manage their own fantasy stock portfolio and compete against fellow users risk-free. One of the earliest examples of successful Facebook campaigns, the application attracted over 100,000 people competing to win one of the lucrative prizes.