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Technology Development

Arçelik Global Intranet

Arçelik’s Global Intranet is the meeting point for more than sixteen thousand Arçelik employees globally. Built on MS SharePoint and FAST, Arçelik’s Global Intranet, a.k.a. Arport, provides features such as rich content about the company, user profile pages, live feeds, employee blogs, event/task scheduling, idea sharing and document management.  In terms of user interface design, Arport sets a global identity by welcoming worldwide Arçelik employees on a common look & feeling. 

Anadolu Securities Mobile Forex Trading Platform

We developed native mobile applications for Paritem, Turkey’s first foreign exchange platform offered by Anadolu Securities, a subsidiary of Anadolubank. Using the application, available for both iOS and Android environments, customers are able to access their accounts 24/7, review analysis data complete with interactive charts, access market news & international financial calendar and make transactions via user-friendly interfaces.

Odeabank Intranet

Odeabank (Bank Audi) wanted to manage all internal information and processes within a single interface, accessible not only through desktops but also tablets and various mobile devices. To meet their demand, we carefully crafted an MS SharePoint based Intranet portal for optimal cross-platform usability. State-of-the-art Modern UI style based design combined with advanced features, such as document libraries, workflows, forms & mobile signature, enables employees to easily and efficiently carry out their daily tasks.


Online Trading Platform

We built the Online Trading Platform of Oyak Securities, one of the leading investment companies in Turkey. Developed on top of the core banking system with a clear focus on clear-cut and user-friendly experience, the new online branch of Oyak Securities provides customers a complete set of features including the ability to trade stocks, bonds, funds and options, real-time data services, banking transactions, portfolio management and more. 

Domino's Pizza Mobile Commerce Apps

To extend the successful online ordering experience we created for Domino’s to mobile users we have started by creating a base mobile platform compatible with all smartphones and launched a native iPhone application that was crowned as the “Best Mobile App of the Year” at the Mixx Awards. Latest additions to the mobile mix included native Android and Windows 8 applications that provide users the same advantages of easy & smart online ordering at Domino’s.