Brand Site

Yapi Kredi appointed us to create online assets for its new travel & entertainment card Adios.

We started with creating a brand site that reflects the vibrant, energetic and entertaining feel of the new brand while effectively communicating the its innovative features and benefits.

To maximise engagement time with visitors we also created an advergame "Where Are We Going? With Whom?" which proved to be a huge hit and addictive for over 50,000 people who played the game 5.8 times on average during the one-month-long campaign.

Following the passage of the mortgage law in Turkey in 2008, Yapi Kredi, one the leading banks in Turkey tasked charged us with the task of introducing this new concept and their related products online.

With the goal of building a simple & straightforward yet catchy microsite that drives customers to get basic information in a quick and user friendly way we have organized the content under four main headers and built easy-to-use interactive tools (e.g. Q&A Based Product Finder App, XHTML & Flash Based Graphical Loan Calculator) under them.

The primary marketing objective was to drive visitors to action, as defined by a meeting request. Following the launch of the site in mid-April the site has registered over 1,100 meeting requests within a month, a great result for the project given this number is almost three times more than the offline meeting requests within the same period.