UX Design & Development

Tasked with the huge task of both managing & implementing the digital transformation efforts needed for the merging of all products and services offered by Türk Telekom, TTNET and Avea under the single Türk Telekom brand; MagiClick has re-designed & developed Türk Telekom, TTNET and part of Avea's digital assets and combined them under a fully responsive hub-site it strategized and created at www.turktelekom.com.tr.

The immense amount of work involved the re-creation of more than 20 portals & web sites consisting of over 10.000 web pages, restructuring of content worth of over 2.5 million words and integrating most assets on Sharepoint CMS.

This massive transformation have been completed seamlessly in less than 3 months - not without a whole lot of sweat & tears, which turned to joy & pride with the thought of Türk Telekom's digital touchpoints being visited by millions of visitors every month.

We designed & developed a revolutionary bank site for Yapı Kredi with “search” at the core of the user experience. Based on Google Search Appliance the engine dynamically creates relevant content as quick & smart results, such as a pinned map when searching for a branch or current rates when searching for a foreign currency. The site also features a rich set of content and functions including campaigns, investor relations data, calculators and more.

When Bank Audi, one of the most prominent banks in the MENA region entered the Turkish banking sector under the name of Odeabank, they asked us to build a web presence that reflects the new bank’s dynamic and modern identity. Based on SharePoint 2010 FIS and BehaviorPad we have build a dynamic web site that presents products & services and offers interactive tools such as loan calculators and application forms integrated to the core banking system.

Türk Telekom’s Online Transaction Center is created after an extensive user research phase that included stakeholder meetings, heuristic analysis, competition analysis and detailed prototyping (wireframing) processes. We built a searchable smart navigation and user-friendly transactional interfaces with a modern state-of-art web design.

The redesign & development project quickly paid off with active user numbers increasing  by ten-fold within only 3 months.

We developed a complex, data-driven and feature-rich investor relations portal for Türk Telekom. Aimed at various target personas, such as individual & institutional investors and analysts, the portal provides customized information architecture, content and feature set for each. The much acclaimed portal won the “Best IR Web Site in Europe” as well as the “Best Telco IR Web Site Worldwide” awards at the prestigious IR Global Rankings.

Denizbank’s website was built as a full-fledged banking portal with a comprehensive content and equipped with most innovative features and applications. While Denizbank products and services are presented effectively with a contemporary design, the website also provides utility tools such as advanced calculators, rates & fee tables, ATM & branch finders and more. Powered with Google Search Appliance & BehaviorPad, Denizbank website is based on a multi-functional CMS developed by MagiClick on ASP.NET.

FGB lacked an online presence in the field of wealth management and the new website based on SharePoint and BehaviorPad managed to make a strong impact within its launch in late 2014. The simple & user friendly design, functional & clever Smart Solution tools and easy Apply Now system; FGBWealth.com quickly differentiated itself and selected as the Best Financial Institution Website at the prestigious UAE Excellence Awards.

With the benefit of a long-standing relationship with Finansbank, the fifth largest bank of Turkey, we were tasked with the brief to  create a new online identity that will serve as basis for all other online assets and redevelop the entire site architecture to support the bank's extensive content and ever-dynamic campaign launches. The brief also included the redesign online banking interfaces to create a best in class user transaction experience.

The result was a multi-award-winning site that is widely accepted as a breakthrough in bank-site design.

The leading cash & carry wholesaler in Turkey, Bizim Toptan, asked us to design and develop an investor relations portal that complies with and surpasses global best-practices. The portal provides every content and tool investors and analysts may need. Detailed stock information, financial data, reports, documents, news and other investor-related content are within easy reach of visitors via a modern, trendy and user-friendly interface design.

The Turkish banking giant Isbank gave us the ambitious task of creating a comprehensive portal aimed at small and medium enterprises. The result is an online asset that has quickly become the primary destination of SME owners and managers and receives well over 100,000 unique users every month. Built on a fully dynamic content infrastructure, the portal provides hundreds of videos and articles about every aspect of SME management.

Yurtiçi Kargo, Turkey’s leading cargo company asked us to design & develop their new web site and online service interfaces. Using SharePoint 2010 FIS, we have created a dynamic & functional web site that presents the company’s products, services, news and campaigns in an attractive and user-friendly way. The web site also provides visitors and customers interactive features such as Price Calculator, Cargo Locator, and Nearest Branch Finder.

DenizBank wanted to  add value to its close relationships with the authorities of provincial and district municipalities by supporting their online presence & visibility. We have created a detailed portal for local administrations, municipalities, public employees, where one can find recent news about municipal activities, interviews with mayors, benchmark financials for municipalities and up-to-date information about municipal tenders, laws & regulations.

Yatirim Finansman Securities' objective was to revamp its static corporate site and develop a new presence with all bells & whistles expected from of a state-of-the-art investment portal. With features such as detailed display of real-time and historical financial data, interactive flash charts, dynamic comparison tools, financial calculators  and extensive personalization we have succeeded in creating a portal that thousands use as a primary point of reference.

Oyak Securities website acts as a reference point for information about the company's products and services and serves as a general financial portal with dynamic market data integration. The portal serves to strengthen overall brand recognition and maximize the company’s client retention and generation, while providing a destination for all types of investors to access up-to-date information and interactive tools.

The HR department of British American Tobacco wanted to create striking online property to help them attract new management trainees. We answered with a high-impact Flash microsite that provides information and videos about the company and its MT programme in a visually impressive way.

MagiClick has been working with HSBC since 2005 on several online site development projects as well as interactive campaigns. In 2008 HSBC sponsored the "Search for Beauty" exhibition and asked us to create a microsite that will convey the heart & soul of the exhibition and display some of its key assets online.

The result was "a must see" web site.

Following the passage of the mortgage law in Turkey in 2008, Yapi Kredi, one the leading banks in Turkey tasked charged us with the task of introducing this new concept and their related products online.

With the goal of building a simple & straightforward yet catchy microsite that drives customers to get basic information in a quick and user friendly way we have organized the content under four main headers and built easy-to-use interactive tools (e.g. Q&A Based Product Finder App, XHTML & Flash Based Graphical Loan Calculator) under them.

The primary marketing objective was to drive visitors to action, as defined by a meeting request. Following the launch of the site in mid-April the site has registered over 1,100 meeting requests within a month, a great result for the project given this number is almost three times more than the offline meeting requests within the same period.

When Yapi Kredi rebuilt its Corporate Internet Banking, MagiClick was tasked with building an interactive demo site to introduce its new features as well as existing strengths.

We have built a mixed Flash & HTML based site that shows all features of the online banking site with over 50 small movies. The movie based content is easily controlled via a horizontal Flash-based navigational system that includes visual clues for each banking feature

Yapi Kredi appointed us to create online assets for its new travel & entertainment card Adios.

We started with creating a brand site that reflects the vibrant, energetic and entertaining feel of the new brand while effectively communicating the its innovative features and benefits.

To maximise engagement time with visitors we also created an advergame "Where Are We Going? With Whom?" which proved to be a huge hit and addictive for over 50,000 people who played the game 5.8 times on average during the one-month-long campaign.